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    What is the process for becoming a School Volunteer?
    There are a few simple steps necessary:

    1. Complete an  Online Volunteer Application
    2. Bring your valid government issued photo ID (with birth date) to the school (they will copy it) - Military ID cannot be copied. Please bring an alternative form of photo ID to be copied.

    Please visit our website at www.bremertonschools.org/volunteer to begin the process today!

    What is the process for becoming a Volunteer Coach?
    The process is similar to becoming a school volunteer. Please read the Volunteer Coach instructions, as there are additional steps necessary.

    I am a Bremerton School District employee. Can I apply to be a volunteer?
    Yes. First contact your Building Volunteer Coordinator so they know you are interested in volunteering. Next, complete the Online Volunteer Application -  no ID is necessary, since you are already an employee. After you complete the online application, let your building volunteer coordinator know you have done so that they can send an email to BSD Volunteers and let them know that you have completed the online application and then your application can be taken off the pending list and added to the database.

    When may I begin volunteering?
    You may begin volunteering AFTER your application has been approved. Please contact the volunteer coordinator to make arrangements to start and to ensure there are tasks ready for you.

    How do I know when my volunteer application has been approved?
    You will receive an email stating whether you have been approved or denied, or if additional information is required.

    What if I have something in my background?
    We review applications on a case-by-case basis.  Having something in your background does not automatically disqualify you. If there is a question about your background results, you will be contacted.

    How long is a volunteer application good for?
    By law all volunteers must renew their volunteer application (background check) every two years.  However, one application is good at all schools in the Bremerton School District.

    How do I know when my application expires?
    You will receive an email stating that your volunteer application is about to expire and you will need to renew it.  You can also see the expiration date when you sign in at the school by hovering over your name. Often we receive renewal applications when their application will not expire for quite some time. If you simply want to know when your volunteer application will expire ask your Building Volunteer Coordinator.

    What do I do if I want to add schools to the list of schools I indicated on my volunteer application?
    Only the schools’ you selected when you completed your online application will include your name on the computer used to sign in.  To add additional schools please contact your  Building Volunteer Coordinator .

    What do I do if my contact information has changed?
    Please contact  your Building Volunteer Coordinator and give them your updated information.

    Is there a required time commitment to volunteer?
    Any amount of time you give is appreciated.  There are opportunities to accommodate many schedules.  The time commitment is dependent on what you will be doing and your availability.

    Do I have to check-in and check-out at the school office every time I volunteer?
    Yes. Based on school board policy and safety and security reasons, all volunteers are required to sign in and out and wear a name badge every time they volunteer.

    How do I find out about what volunteer opportunities are available in the District?
    Each school has their own unique volunteer needs depending on staff requests. Here are a few Volunteer Opportunities.  For additional opportunities, please inquire with the  Building Volunteer Coordinator.

    Are there opportunities to volunteer evenings or weekends?
    Yes, schools often want help for family nights or special events. For more information ask the Building Volunteer Coordinator.

    Can a Senior Citizen receive compensation as a volunteer?
    Yes. Eligible senior residents of Bremerton School District may volunteer in Bremerton schools in exchange for the local school portion (levy and bond) of their property taxes through the S.T.E.P. (Senior Tax Exchange Program).  Click S.T.E.P. Program for more information. 

    What if I have additional questions?
    Please contact your Building Volunteer Coordinator or District Volunteer Coordinator, Joyce Cowdery, at 360-620-7291.

Last Modified on September 23, 2019