Bremerton's Dual immersion program is a dual language opportunity


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    The Dual Immersion Program promotes biliteracy, bilingualism, and multiculturism through the Spanish and English language in order to prepare students to be college and career-ready in an increasingly competitive and diverse global society.



    The purpose of the Dual Immersion Program is to prepare students for the future with abilities to listen, speak, read, and write both English and Spanish. It provides students with the opportunity to learn English and Spanish through meaningful and challenging academics with high expectations to foster cultural understanding, communication, and citizenship in today's society. Research shows that students who participate in well-implemented dual language programs perform at or above grade level on district and state tests, as well as achieve advanced levels of proficiency in two languages.

  • What is the Dual Immersion Program?

    Dual Immersion is Bremerton School District's dual-language program for students K-5. Classes in Dual Immersion are comprised of 50% native English-speaking and 50% Spanish-speaking students. Students receive 50% of their daily instruction in English and 50% of daily instruction in Spanish. 


    Grades K-2

    • English: Math, Science, English literacy
    • Spanish: Spanish language arts, Social Studies


    Grades 3-5

    • English: Math, Social Studies, English literacy
    • Spanish: Spanish language arts, Science


    Grades 6-8: Dual Immersion students have advanced language opportunities and can begin earning high school credits at Mountain View Middle School.


    Where is the Dual Immersion Program located?

    Naval Avenue Learning Center: Grades 1-5

    Armin Jahr Elementary: Grades K-3 (will be K-5 by 2024)

    For Dual Immersion students in grades 6-8, advanced language opportunities are available at Mountain View Middle School. 


    Why should I enroll my students in the Dual Immersion Program?

    According to research, dual language students:

    • Score higher on achievement tests in both their first and second languages
    • Are more engaged with classroom instruction
    • Have more bicultural identity and self-esteem
    • Are significantly more mature for their age
    • Are happier and more motivated
    • Achieve higher high school graduation rates
    • Receive more scholarships for higher-education
    • Are successful bilingual professionals as adults


    How do I register?

    To register your child for the Dual Immersion program, please visit Naval Avenue Early Learning Center (900 Olympic Ave, Bremerton), Armin Jahr Elementary School (800 Dibb St, Bremerton), or the Bremerton School District Office (134 Marion Ave. N, Bremerton). Please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate and immunization records. For more information on registration and to download registration forms, please visit our district's Student Registration Page.


    Want more information?

    Please contact our Special Programs office, 360-473-1077.

  • Dual Language Immersion Program Characteristics

    • Empower and develop bilingual, bi-literate students
    • Acquisition of a second language while in prime language-development stage
    • Literacy is developed in Spanish and English simultaneously
    • The student population includes native English and native Spanish speakers
    • Instruction is given in Spanish and English
    • Develops authentic, positive, cross-cultural understanding