• Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    1 year
    1.0 Credit: CTE or Elective
    CTE 387/388
    Open to: 9, 10, 11, 12
    Dual Credit (formerly Tech Prep) available through Olympic College; 5 credits through BMGMT 180: Marketing. Must achieve a "B" or higher in class.
    Do you want to know how Taylor Swift remains so popular, or why athletes make so much money? The business of entertainment, including movies, concerts, theme parks, and sporting events have a tremendous impact on our economy and they provide many career opportunities. This class will provide students with an overview of the sports and entertainment field from a business and marketing perspective. Students who have wished to play sports professionally, or who may have dreamed of becoming an agent for a celebrity entertainer may have an interest in Sports and Entertainment Marketing. 
    Is this course, students have the opportunity to explore basic marketing principles and delve deeper into the multi-billion dollar Sports and Entertainment Marketing industry. Students will learn how the professional athletes, sports teams, and well-known entertainers are marketed as commodities and how some of them become billionaires as a result.