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    How do I register my child for preschool?

    Each preschool or childcare is independently owned and operatedCheck the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) list for our current partners and make an appointment with the Director to visit the classroom and have your questions answered. For Head Start contact either Kitsap Community Resources at 360-473-2075 or Olympic ESD 114 at 360-478-6889.


    Does my child have to be toilet trained before going to preschool?

    Different preschools have different guidelines about whether or not a child needs to be toilet trained.  Be sure to ask before enrolling your child in a program.


    I was told to call the district about Child Find.  What is that?

    Child Find is a free process to identify children that may need extra support. There are three outcomes of a Child Find appointment. Your child may be recommended to go on for further testing, you may be offered a Recognition and Response appointment, or your child may pass the screening with no further concerns.


    Screening is done throughout the school year and parents can call (360) 473-1008 to schedule an appointment. While a child’s pediatrician or teacher may recommend that the parent contact the school district to set up a screening appointment, the guardian must be the one to contact the District.

     I have concerns about my child’s development.  What do I do?

    Children develop at different rates. Some delays are considered to be typical while others may indicate concerns.  If your child is age Birth-2 and you have concerns, contact Holly Ridge Center (360) 373-2536 for their Child Find screening.  For children who are three to five years of age, Bremerton School District can screen and evaluate through our free Child Find screening. The purpose of the Child Find screening is to identify children that are experiencing delays and require additional testing and/or special education services. Screening is done throughout the year and parents can call (360) 473-1008 to schedule an appointment.


    What preschool services does the school district offer?

    District preschool programs are for children who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Services may include specially designed instruction in cognitive, adaptive, social, communication, or motor skills.  Some children may receive services in a district preschool program, from a special education service provider who goes to their community preschool, or from scheduled therapy sessions with a speech and language pathologist or occupational therapist.

    At this time, the District does not offer a preschool classroom for children without special needs. Please see our list of community partners if you would like information about enrolling in a private program. 


    What activities can I do with my child to get them ready for kindergarten?

    • Bremerton School District PLAYSCHOOL - Join us for a free session of preschool learning! Stay with your child and interact together in a preschool classroom. This program is open to residents in the Bremerton School District. Parents, grandparents, and guardians are all welcome to attend.

    • Lay the Groundwork for Reading, with Concepts About Print  -  A wonderful article giving parents information and skills to help their child learn to read.

    • Education.com  - A educational website that gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help kids reach their full potential and make learning fun.  Thousands of fun educational activities, printables and workbooks.  Access to thousands of current, credible and easy to read articles. 

    • Washington State Department of Early Learning -The State Department of Early Learning (DEL), in partnership with OSPI and Thrive by Five Washington, has published the Early Learning and Development Guidelines for children from birth through third grade.  

    • Vroom  - A website that helps parents in the early years help build a foundation for learning.

    • Back-to-School Message: Stop Helicoptering, Start Teaching Self Control  - A article to help parents teach their young child self control.

    • Early Math Matters: A Guide for Parents of Preschoolers  - As your child's first teacher, you can start to teach them some basic math skills. Most preschoolers are naturally interested in math.  Learn hands-on games and projects that develop math skills.

    • Math Posters Bremerton School District and the Early Childhood Care and Education are looking to expand our reach by providing fun and simple activities for families to do while shopping with their child.  These activities are designed to build foundational math skills, keep children engaged and entertained while shopping, and provide families with research and additional resources in early child development and education.  

    • Preschoolers Investigating STEM: A Classroom and Family STEM Project Book




    Why is reading to my young child important?

    • Reading to children is an excellent way to increase their vocabulary, increase the number of words they hear and begin to eliminate the 30 Million Word Gap.

    • Reading to your child also provides a foundation for future reading success; children who are behind in 1st grade tend to stay behind.

    • Prevention of reading failure can reduce the need for special education services later in a student's educational life.  (Get Ready to Read)


    What is the Early Childhood Care and Education Group (ECCE)?

    The ECCE is comprised of Early Childhood programs who serve children entering Bremerton School District.  We strive to support all children before they enter kindergarten so they will have a strong foundation for a successful start to school. We have three goals: We want to increase skills in early literacy, early numeracy, and social skills (self-regulation).  

    The ECCE is strength-based, building on the strengths of each program for the benefit of all children.
    Monthly Director’s meetings provide new information, determine needs of each program, plan for quality and provide resources. Each month there is also a Professional Development training based on the three goals. STARS/Merit hours are offered.


    What if I can’t afford private preschool?

    Bremerton School District PLAYSCHOOL offers a weekly class for families to interact together in a preschool classroom to help prepare children for Kindergarten.

    Head Start and ECEAP part-day programs are free for families who qualify, and some private preschools offer scholarships or sliding scales for families.  For Head Start contact either Kitsap Community Resources at 360-473-2075 or Olympic ESD 114 at 360-478-6889.


    What if my child is not 5 years old by September 1st?  

    Children who turn five between September 1st and October 31st may also be eligible for Kindergarten if they pass an Early Entrance Test. The testing takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete using the DIBELS (Dynamic Inventory of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and the DIAL-4 (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning).

    There is an $80 non-refundable fee for this test (scholarships are available for free and reduced lunch program participants).  No make-up tests will be given. Contact Kim Mayo at (360) 473-1077 for further information.


    How do I find my home school?

    Follow this link and enter your home address.  This will also tell you about the bus for grades K-12, including which route you are on and the times.


    Can I visit a preschool or Kindergarten classroom before registering?

    Different programs and school have different guidelines.  Contact the program or school to ask about their policy. When visiting in the spring, remember that those children have been in school for nearly a year! When they entered in the fall, the class would have appeared very different.


    What is a typical preschool or Kindergarten class size?

    Class sizes for preschool and Kindergarten programs vary.  Ask what the typical class size is for that program or school when enrolling your child.


    What does my child need to know before coming into Kindergarten?

    Each child develops at his or her own pace and will have different levels of skills upon entering Kindergarten. Some children may be very skilled in one area, but not as skilled in another. Parents can support their children’s development by engaging them in conversations, asking them to describe what they are doing, helping them make new friends, and doing things together such as playing, reading, cooking, painting, working with sand, running, and climbing.

    For more ideas on activities to do with your child, ask your preschool or child care provider.


    My child has special needs, what will happen when they go to preschool or Kindergarten?

    • If your child is younger than 3 years old, contact Holly Ridge Center at (360) 373-2536 for information.

    • If your child is older than 3 years and has a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place, services will be provided according to the IEP.  Ask your child’s teacher if you have specific questions.
    • If your child is older than 3 years and does not have a current IEP, contact special programs at (360) 473-1008 for a free Child Find appointment.

    • When your child transitions to Kindergarten from preschool, if they have a current IEP, services will be continued in Kindergarten.  Contact your child’s information about specific questions.


    I have a different question.  Who do I contact?

    Please contact Kim Mayo in Special Programs at (360) 473-1077.

    For Early Childhood Educators


    How do I become an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) partner and what are the benefits?

    Any child care program, faith-based, center-based, or in-home provider who has children going into Kindergarten in the Bremerton School District can join the Early Childhood Care and Education Group.
    We work to meet the needs of all children who will be entering a school within Bremerton School District.

    There are monthly Director meetings and Professional Development for teachers. Each program receives materials aligned to standards in Literacy, Numeracy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). For more information contact Kim Mayo at 473- 1077.


    I have concerns about a child in my program.  What do I do?

    Have a discussion with the child’s family about your concerns.  You can have the family contact the school district to set up a free Child Find appointment by calling (360) 473-1008.  


    I am looking for resources to do with the children in my care.  Any ideas?




    For More Information
    Call our office at 360.473.1061


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