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    Advanced Mathematics Pathway


    At the end of each year at West Hills STEM, middle school students take placement tests and receive teacher feedback on their student skills. 

    Based on this data, students may be placed in the Advanced Mathematics Pathway. This is a rigorous and challenging pathway designed to challenge those students wishing to advance their learning in mathematics. Learn more about what Advanced Mathematics Courses mean for your student. 

    Students are then placed in Advanced Math 7 in 7th grade, and have the opportunity to earn High School Credit through Algebra I (8th Grade). This pathway places students one year ahead of the traditional mathematics pathway. Students must maintain good grades in order to remain in the advanced mathematics pathway, as stated in the district policy regarding advanced courses

    Students who choose to enroll in Algebra I, the first high school credit course, will need to sign the Algebra I Compact. In special cases, a 6th grade student may be placed in Algebra I. This is a joint decision between the school, the parent, and the student. A meeting is held to discuss and sign the Direct Algebra I Compact.