• Nutrition and Conditioning

    1 semester
    0.5 Credit: Health, CTE, or Elective. May be repeated.
    CTE 425/426
    Open to: 9, 10, 11, 12
    NOTE: Be prepared for some workouts. This course includes a variety of physical exercises one to two days per week.
    Have you ever wondered how long you can get away with eating junk food before it has a negative impact on your health? Did you know there were super foods that you could eat that would give you powerful health benefits? Do you love to try different forms of exercise? Have you ever tried taebo or yoga? Nutrition and Conditioning is a FUN way to earn your health, CTE or elective credit. Yes, we do have a textbook but some days we are outside or in the mat room for exercise OR in a foods lab cooking. Yes, you do want to take this class!