Instructions for student clubs/sports

  • Recognized student groups can submit flyers to the school’s Peachjar uploader for distribution.


    Sending flyers to your school (only)

    • The advisor may submit a flyer to the school’s Peachjar uploader OR
    • Students submit the flyer as PDF to Peachjar uploader and cc: the club advisor, coach, etc.  (This allows students to have responsibility over the process, but keeps the adviser/coach in-the-loop).

    Sending flyers to other schools (in the District) or Districtwide:

    • If a student group wants flyer distributed to other schools or districtwide, it must be submitted to the District Office by the Peachjar uploader (or another member of the school's clerical staff or a principal).
    • The advisor or student representative must submit the email to the school's Peajar uploader. 
      • The flyer must be in PDF.
      • The email must include the schools to which the flyer should be sent.



Instructions for PTAs and Booster Clubs

  • School PTAs can use Peachjar at no cost to distribute flyers about PTA events and activities. 


    Please follow these guidelines for sharing information using Peachjar. 

    • Flyers must be promoting PTA activities - not other events or organizations or non-PTA events.
    • Flyers must be submitted as PDFs.
    • No edits can be made to the flyer by the school's Peachjar uploader or office staff. 
    • Please submit your flyer at least two weeks prior to your desired distribution date. 


    Sending flyers to your school


    Flyers you'd like distributed to your school only can be approved and uploaded by your school's Peachjar uploader.


    Sending flyers to other schools or districtwide

    If you'd like to have your PTA flyer distributed to other schools or districtwide, please:

    • Submit your flyer to your school's Peachjar uploader via email at least two weeks ahead of your desired distribution date with the following information:  
      • A list of the schools to which you'd like the flyer to be distributed
      • The date you'd like the flyer distributed

    Your school's Peachjar uploader will forward your flyer to the District office for distribution. 

  • Peach Jar Uploaders (updated 10/2019)

    • Armin Jahr:  Cheryl Hoover
    • Bremerton High School:  Marilyn McClelland
    • Bremerton Home Link:  Emily Bach
    • Crownhill:  Emily Bach
    • Kitsap Lake Elementary: Suzanne Wilson
    • Mountain View Middle School:  Michelle Kirkpatrick or Christine Rogers
    • Naval Avenue:  Elisha Kibbe or Jennie Penitusi
    • Renaissance High School:  Lisa Clifton
    • View Ridge:  Cherrie Graham
    • West Hills STEM Academy: Ami Looker
    • West Sound Tech:  Loretta Robinett


    Note:  Some PTAs have Peachjar uploaders approved by the principal. 

Last Modified on November 14, 2019