• Youth Sports: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness 
    In 2015, Washington State enacted the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Act (SB 5083).  There are many provisions to this law, and in order to rent a publicly owned facility or playfield, all private, nonprofit youth sports associations must comply with this law.  Along with proof of insurance, all youth groups must complete, sign and submit a "Compliance Statement" to the District business office, ensuring that, as required by law, they are providing the necessary information and training to coaches, parents and athletes in regard to Concussions and now Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  
    For more information about cardiac arrest, and to find forms and tools that you may use to educate your coaching staff and volunteers, parents, and players, visit the American Heart Association. You can find other resources on the Facility Rentals page on Bremerton School District's website.  (Students Sports - Concussion, Head Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Policy 3422 and Procedures 3422P)
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Last Modified on April 18, 2018