• Drawbridge


    Interested in Drawbridge?

    Drawbridge is a contract and tutorial-based program to provide an alternative learning opportunity for motivated students who have not experienced success in the traditional program due to attendance, health or personal issues.  
    The program is:
    • Reading and project oriented ( as opposed to lecture orientation)
    • Relationship driven through tutoring and weekly progress checks.
    • Product oriented (as opposed to seat time for assessment of grades). 
    Please see your counselor to help decide if Drawbridge is a good fit for you. Your BHS counselor is based on the letter of your last name. Call 473-0835 and ask for the appropriate counselor, or come in person to our office in the high school. The first step to becoming a Drawbridge student is to fill out an application in the counseling office. 
    A-G  Mrs. Fleites
    H-O Mrs.Kapsch
    P-Z  Mr. Shine