Red Cross Classes are held in the Curriculum Library at the Administration Building.  As we approach each set of classes, an email will go out announcing the dates and times.  At that time, please respond back to ioanna.cossack@bremertonschools.org to register for a class.  These classes are offered as a benefit to our employees.  If you do not need the certification, but would just like to update yourself on First Aid or other "safety" subjects, you can find online tutorials for many areas by clicking at the "Safeschools Training" link to the left.  Your log in is your email address.  If you have problems accessing this training, please contact Ioanna at 473-1031. 


    If the District requires you to have these certifications, the classes are free to you every two years.  If you are not required, but would like the ease of taking the classes here:  Employee Cost:  $20.00 for one class or $30.00 for both classes if taken together.  Non-employees are welcome for slightly more ($25 and $35).   Books are no longer provided to students for free.  If you would like to purchase a book, the cost is $12.00.  Please let the instructor know if you are interested in purchasing a book.  All fees will be paid to the Business Office. 

    For staff convenience, we can arrange to hold a set of classes in your building.  You must have at least eight employees (either required by the District or who are willing to pay to take the classes) signed up for the sessions in order to schedule this.  To set up a date, please email or call Ioanna at 473-1031. 


Last Modified on January 8, 2020