• Automotive Technology


    This two-year automotive program provides practical hands-on training and experience for high school juniors and seniors, who are seriously considering making a career in the automotive service, repair and maintenance industry. Students will build a solid background in automotive brakes, suspension, steering, cooling, lubrication systems, HVAC, engine fundamentals and operation, electrical and electronic systems, and all servicing aspects. There is an emphasis on shop safety and industry expectations, as well as developing strong leadership skills. Our program also includes a variety of tours and guest speakers from the industry. This is considered to be one of the nation's top high school NATEF Certified automotive technology programs.
    "Compliments to instructor for professionalism and relationships/communication with students. Extra compliments to instructor for putting student needs before anything else...students always first."
    NATEF Evaluation Team Leader, July 2012 

    We invite you to come in and see for yourself how West Sound Tech can teach you the skills you need to help you secure a successful future.This program became nationally certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF), in October 2005 and was recognized as one of the best High School Automotive Technology programs in the country. This program has also been awarded EnviroStars highest 5-Star rating for protecting the environment.

    Students spend about 70% of their time in the well-equipped and maintained professional shop doing "Hands-On" training. They will also learn to participate in classroom lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. These will cover a wide variety of automotive industry subject areas including:
    • Shop Safety
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Dealership Operations
    • Customer Relations
    • Vehicle Inspection and Servicing
    • Brake Systems
    • Steering and Suspension Systems
    • Engine Fundamentals and Rebuilding
    • Electrical, Batteries and Charging Systems
    • Cooling and Heating Systems
    • Mounting, Balancing and Repairing Tires
    • Automotive Detailing

    Students will also attend field trips and hear from guest speakers from the industry and advanced automotive schools. They will also participate in leadership activities, and fill a variety of automotive shop and classroom positions to help them develop leadership and employability skills. Within the program, there are three main goals for students:

    Learn and develop a professional attitude. (An absolute key to being successful in the industry).Following completion of this program, become employed either in a new car dealership, an independent repair facility, or a branch of the armed forces in the maintenance field.Receive college credits and obtain a reserved seat in one of the many follow-on advanced automotive training institutes either locally or throughout the country.
    The automotive industry demands 100% effort and dedication, integrity, hard work, problem solving and trouble shooting skills, pride in personal appearance, quality workmanship, knowledge and skills, and excellent customer relations.

    This program can help you build a solid foundation to begin your exciting career in the automotive service industry. Are you ready for such a challenge?

Last Modified on May 1, 2013