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    The Bremerton School District maintains its own Small Works Roster (SWR).  This process may be used on public works projects with an estimated cost of $300,000 or less.  In accordance with the Public Schools Bid Law, we invite interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on our Small Works Roster.  Below are important requirements for a complete application package:

    • Application must be printed and signed

    • Applicant must be able to provide a current Certificate of Insurance (CoI) meeting District requirements in order to perform work in the Bremerton School District

    • Applicant must be able to provide a Performance/Payment Bond on projects over $35,000

    It is recommended that applicants refer to applicable state laws regarding Public Works and Prevailing age projcts before submitting a SWR application.  Here are some quick links.

    If you require further information or assistance regarding the Bremerton School District Small Works Roster, please contact our Business Office at 360-473-1032. 


    Note:  Applications expire one year after your date of signature.  To renew your application, submit a new application or send a written request to extend your application on your company's letterhead. 



Last Modified on August 2, 2017