We Are Bremerton!

We Are Bremerton!



    A dropout reengagement program for students age 16-21

  • Open Doors encourages, guides and supports students in gaining the academic, career and life skills needed to build their future.


    The Open Doors program in the Bremerton School District started in 2015 with the goal of serving students who had left the traditional school setting. Over the years we have been committed to improving how we offer the flexibility and support our students need to successfully reach their goals. To that end, we will be transitioning to an online academic program with one-on-one resource support through our partnership with Graduation Alliance starting in September, 2022.
    What does this mean for our students?
    1. The Open Doors school building is closing on August 24, 2022.
    2. GED tutoring will be available online through Graduation Alliance.
    3. Students can work toward completing their high-school diploma after they receive their GED using the Graduation Alliance platform and support system.
    4. Students will be able to meet with a local advocate weekly to discuss challenges.
    5. Students will have access to all BSD resources (including hotspots for Internet access, 24/7 tutoring through Tutor Me, access to breakfast and lunch, Orca Cards, and the health clinic at Mountain View Middle School and Bremerton High School).
    6. Students will continue to have access to classes through West Sound Tech Skills Center and Running Start.

    Graduation Alliance will support our students by offering:

    • Local Advocate - to support students through weekly one-on-one meetings
    • Academic Coach - to support and monitor students’ academic progress
    • Online academic tutoring
    • Laptop computers
    Registration Process:
    • Complete registration paperwork through the district,
    • Meet with the local advocate,
    • Get started on your future!