Mountain View Middle School’s elective Leadership Class was reinstated three years ago as a once a day elective. This year, due in part to the number of students passing MSP and needing another elective full day, the administration at the school made the Leadership class a full day program. In the past Leadership has always been involved in the Kitsap Community ResourcesChristmas Angels program at many different levels. This includes ‘dopting names of children who in turn would have gifts purchased for them by the Leadership students as Christmas gifts to helping organize the hundreds of bags for parent pickup and finally working at the KCR building in what is called ‘Santa’s Shop’where the students would select a request from a parent and fill the child’s needs and wants from the donated items available.

    This being the first year of five periods of Leadership the program adjusted the focus to Community Service. The students again were involved with Christmas Angels and then added three more projects; toiletry packets with basic needs many donated from the Midway Inn and other local motels, ‘Green’ Quilting and Easter Baskets for children in shelters.

     ‘Green’ quilting was suggested by students three years ago and has now developed into a major follow-up lesson in collaboration. The classes have been diligent in requesting donated fabrics which might very well have ended up as an environmental issue if thrown in a land fill, hence ‘green quilting’. This year out of the five classes, 38 quilts were made by students who had never touched a sewing machine. Each group will be able to choose the shelter they want their quilt to be delivered for the children.

    Included this year during quilting, the classes made and had delivered for shelters 125 toiletry packets, and 20 Easter Baskets. Thank you for your support.

    Janet Davis
Last Modified on April 13, 2012