• Guiding Questions


    A guiding question is the fundamental query that directs the search for understanding. Everything in the curriculum is studied for the purpose of answering it. Guiding questions help provide focus and coherence for units of study.


    3rd Grade
    Guiding Question 1:  We use properties to categorize and study minerals.
    Guiding Question 2: We understand how different systems work together.
    Guiding Question 3:  We understand how organisms change over time.


    4th Grade
    Unit 1: How can a challenge bring out our best?
    Unit 2: What can animals teach us?
    Unit 3: How can you show your community spirit?
    Unit 4: How do different writers treat the same topic?
    Unit 5: What helps you understand the world around you?
    Unit 6: How can you build on what came before?


    5th Grade
    Unit 1: Where can an idea begin?
    Unit 2: What does it take to put a plan into action?
    Unit 3: What kinds of experiences can lead to new discoveries?
    Unit 4: How do we decide what's important?
    Unit 5: In what ways can things change?
    Unit 6: How are we all connected?


    6th Grade
    Question 1: How do we use our environment, social structures, and tools to learn about the world?
    Question 2: What significant contributions have been made throughout time in science, engineering, technology, and the arts, that have changed society?
    Question 3: How does understanding our environmental needs help us sustain life?


    7th Grade
    Question 1: How does new information change our trajectory and view of the world?


    8th Grade
    Question 1: How did politics, philosophy, and geography shape the United States?
    Question 2: How did technology and industry shape the United States?
    Question 3: How can we use STEM to reshape our world today?

Last Modified on December 8, 2017