• Mountain View Middle School - After-School Activity Run
    This run operates only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the 2022-23 school year, this run will start September 27, 2022.
    The times listed are based upon the assumption that students are at every stop.  Depending upon student load, be aware that this run may arrive earlier than the times listed below. 
    On days dances are held at the school, this route may have an additional bus allocated for student transportation.  On these dates, the students may be split onto Eastern and Western bus routes.
  •  Time  Stop
     4:15 PM  Depart Mountain View Middle School
     4:18 PM  NE 30th St & Trenton Ave NE
     4:19 PM 
     NE Sylvan Way & Trenton Ave NE
     4:20 PM  Fischer Park Ave NE & Illahee Park Rd NE
     4:24 PM  Ocean View Blvd NE & Illahee Park Rd NE
     4:26 PM  East Blvd NE & NE McWilliams Rd
     4:34 PM  Almira Dr & Clemens St
     4:36 PM  Almira Dr & Spruce Ave
     4:39 PM  Dibb St & Stewart Rd
     4:41 PM  Pine Rd & Sheridan Rd
     4:46 PM  12th St & Park Ave
     4:47 PM  8th St & Park Ave
     4:50 PM  13th St & High Ave
     4:51 PM  15th St & Marguerite Ave
     4:53 PM  10th St & Olympic Ave
     4:56 PM  15th St & Cambrian Ave
     5:01 PM  1550 Rocky Point Rd (Fire Station)
     5:03 PM  Marine Dr & Kitsap Way
     5:06 PM  Kitsap Way & Shorewood Dr
     5:11 PM  Ostrich Bay Ave & Bay Vista Blvd
     5:16 PM  6724 Kitsap Way (Ralph's Red Apple Market)
     5:20 PM  Harlow Dr & Carr Blvd
     5:23 PM  Sunnyhill Rd W & W Werner Rd
     5:26 PM  Poindexter Ave W & Peters Rd
     5:28 PM  3rd Ave W & W Harbor Dr
     5:34 PM  West Hills Elementary School