• Volunteers Senior Tax Exchange Program

    The Senior Tax Exchange Program (STEP) has been established by the Bremerton School District Board of Directors in response to concerns of local senior citizens who are living on fixed incomes and experiencing rising property taxes.  It allows eligible senior residents of Bremerton School District to become volunteers in Bremerton schools in exchange for the local school portion (levy and bond) of their property taxes. 

    It is the responsibility of the STEP Volunteer to provide all required paperwork by the March 1 and/or October 1 deadlines.


    • Citizens 62 years of age and older.
    • Primary residence is in the Bremerton School District and taxes are paid on this residence.
    • Must have an annual income of more than $48,575 and less than $65,000. 


    • Citizen completes the volunteer application process, which includes a background check.
    • An interview may be required by phone or in-person by the Community Relations Department.
    • If selected, the applicant's name, skills, and preferred assignment(s) are forwarded to the School Volunteer Coordinator.
    • The School Volunteer Coordinator meets with the STEP Volunteer to orient them to the building and match them with a staff person in the building.
    • If a match is not made at the requested building, an alternate building may be identified. 


    Verification of Volunteer Hours

    • The minimum number of hours to participate in the program is 20.
    • Each STEP Volunteer is responsible for signing in and out on the computer at the school in order to track and verify hours.
    • A report pf hours is available through the School Volunteer Coordinator. This report must be signed by the STEP Volunteer and by the Principal or Designee and sent to the District Volunteer Coordinator at the District Office by March 1 and/or October 1.
    • A copy of the STEP Volunteer's Property Tax Statement must accompany this report.  



    • Reimbursement is set at the minimum wage up to $599 per calender year, per qualified property owner.
    • Compensation is dispersed via a two-party check made out to the participant abd the Kitsap County Treasurer twice a year - in the months of April and/or October.
    • If a Volunteer's taxes are paid through a mortgage lender, the County Treasurer will endorse the check back to the STEP participant after the county is in receipt of the taxes.
    • Checks will be sent to the STEP Volunteer.
    • Checks should be endorsed and delivered to the Kitsap County Treasurer to pay school portion of property taxes. 



    • The Bremerton School District Volunteer Liaison administers the application process and refers Volunteers to school buildings. She can be reached at 360.620.7291 or by email at joyce.cowdery@bremertonschools.org.
    • STEP Volunteers do not replace existing staff positions.
    • Placement of STEP Volunteers in schools is dependent upon suitable tasks being available and staff requests for help.
    • Participation by citizens in one year does not guarantee their participation in future years.



    • Funding for this program comes from the District’s General Fund.
    • Because an existing department administers STEP, no administrative overhead is charged.
Last Modified on January 7, 2020