• Special Education


    Special education services are provided to students who require specially designed instruction to access their education.  If you believe your child has specialized needs, you can request to speak to the school psychologist about your concerns.
    These staff members maintain Individualized Education Plans for students with special needs. They work with other staff members to help support their students in mainstreamed classrooms.  
    The staff for our Special Education Department includes: 
    Mrs. Blotzer - Math and Lifeskills
    Ms. Gibbs-Churchley - ELL
    Mrs. Lee - Psychologist 
    Mrs. Nylund - Inclusion
    Mrs. Parks - Read 180 and Systems 44
    Ms. Peterson - Science and Lifeskills
    Mr. Shipley - Intervention
    Mrs. Stokes - Math, Lifeskills and Writing
    Mrs. Vann - Read 180 and Systems 44
Last Modified on December 18, 2019