• After many years away, I am so excited to return home and lead the best high school in the county!  As I walk the halls of Bremerton High, I am reminded of all the reasons that make this a special place to go to school.  To ensure that each and every student graduates ready to take on the future they dream of, we have created a vision that showcases our beliefs and the actions we will take to make our community proud.  

    Monica Sweet, Principal 


    This We Believe… 


    • We will foster academic excellence through our core program and promote the exploration of our elective program.
    • Our teaching and learning approach will allow students to develop their academic skills while engaging in a variety of creative activities.
    • We will value, foster, and encourage the art of creativity, as it is a skill in constant demand in our global business environment.
    • Productive disequilibrium will not only be accepted but expected in our classrooms.  It is through the not knowing process that the greatest learning can and will emerge4.
    • As a Professional Learning Community we are committed to focusing on student learning, working collaboratively, and accountability for results through continuous, authentic assessment.


    • Each child is unique and recognizing that we will base educational programs upon methods of developing and utilizing this uniqueness.
    • We respect ourselves and one another, and appreciate individual differences, and encourage one another to reach our potential.
    • Young people learn best in environments that are physically and emotionally safe.  We will provide a school atmosphere that ensures safety in all aspects of school life.
    • Each student has at least one adult who knows and cares for that individual and who supports that student's academic and personal development.
    • Students help to create avenues of success that travel through the school culture and traditions.
    • Student leadership and service-learning are strong tenants of our Associated Student Body (ASB).

Parents / Community

    • High school is a time of increased independence and responsibility on the part of the students, but the supportive role of parents is just as important as it has always been.  We will encourage and promote parental involvement in our school.
    • A strong and active partnership with the school through community businesses, organizations and groups are needed and vital.
    • Our school recognizes and supports families and community members as participants in school programs by encouraging their roles in supporting learning and honoring them as essential volunteers.
    • Our strong parent and community relationships help to support the intellectual, ethical, and social growth of our students.
  • It is through these beliefs and actions that we will continue to be an amazing high school where every student belongs!  Go Knights!