• Safety

    The District has a safety program organized and conducted within the guidelines of WAC 296-800-13020.
    At the start of each school year, each building is required to constitute a Building Safety Committee. There are specific requirements regarding the number of members, who may be appointed and who must be elected by the building staff, and how the Chairman is elected. The committees meet monthly and are required to produce written minutes.

    The broad task of the committees is to identify safety related issues for both students and staff, and to initiate corrective action. Such action may be in the form of a work order to correct or eliminate a physical hazard, or it may be a procedural change in the way certain evolutions are conducted. The Finance and Operations Director has overall responsibility for the administration of the Safety Program.
    The Bremerton School District uses SafeSchools for staff safety training.  For more information on SafeSchools please contact Finance and Operations at 473-1031.
Last Modified on June 8, 2021