• Frequently Asked Questions


    Are school meals healthy?
    Bremerton School District provides meals that meet federal requirements and guidelines. The program is operated by the District’s Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department. CNS offers a wide variety of foods and is particularly proud to emphasize locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.
    What is considered a lunch and what is considered ala carte?
    A “breakfast” is 3 out of the 4 components, in the appropriate amounts. "Lunch" is 3 out of the 5 components in the appropriate amounts. The USDA recognizes Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Meat/Meat Alternates, and Milk as components. Incomplete meals are charged ala carte pricing.  Milk is included as part of a meal, but if selected alone it is $.50.

    How do I open a lunch account for my student?
    When you enroll your student in school they are automatically issued a Food Services meal account. They are given a seven-digit student ID number which they keep throughout their years in the Bremerton School District. Students enter their seven-digit student ID into a keypad to access their meal account. Each student is encouraged to memorize their own number so that students move quickly and efficiently during the meal periods.  Families are expected to maintain positive balances on their students' accounts.

    How do I apply for Free/Reduced meals?
    A NEW Free and Reduced-priced meal application must be completed every school year by a household wishing to obtain free or reduced-priced meals. The current application and parent letter are available on the Bremerton School District/CNS web page or at any school in the District. Applications are processed at the CNS office within 10 working days of being received. Parents are encouraged to return meal applications as early in the year as possible. Completed applications are best submitted directly to the CNS staff in the school kitchen. Students are charged the full paid price for any meals until an application is processed and approved. Applications may be turned at any time during a school year. Households that qualify for free and/or reduced-priced meals will be notified by letter. For those that apply and are denied approval of meal benefits, a letter will be directly mailed to the household.

    How do I deposit money into their account?
    CNS and the BSD provide many convenient options to determine student meal account balance information. Pre-payment of meals is strongly encouraged. Cash or check is accepted at any school kitchen. Checks can be written at one school to include all students regardless of location, but which students and how much for each should be clearly stated. Online payment is a convenient option that is available for a fee of $1.50 through Family Access. Family Access allows access to meal account activity, payment documentation and account balance as well as an online secure credit card payment option. To find out how to obtain a Family Access password, please contact your school’s office. Meal account balances may also be obtained by contacting the CNS office or the CNS staff at any Bremerton School.

    What if I forget to send lunch money to school?
    We encourage all families to keep current on meal accounts.
    We follow these procedures if a student has a low or negative balance in their account:
    •  Students that do not have enough money to pay for a meal are allowed to charge up to two meals, unless at the High School then it is one, putting their account in the negative.
    •  If a student’s lunch account gets low they will be offered a reminder note to inform their parent /guardian to send more money.
    •  When a student’s account has gone into the negative parents/guardians will be notified by a phone call, email and/or a letter sent home with the student.
    •  If a student has already charged meals (two, unless at the high school then one), and they need a lunch then the student will be offered an alternate meal. At the elementary level the student will be offered cold cereal along with milk and a trip through the salad/fruit bar, secondary level the student will be offered a trip through the salad/fruit bar and a milk at no charge to the student.
    Can parents eat with their students?
    We welcome parents to eat with their student(s). Adult meal prices are $2.75 for breakfast and $4.25 for lunch.

    My student has a life threatening food allergy/non-life threatening food allergy/physical disability; is there any way CNS can help?
    Students needing a food substitution due to a disability may complete a Diet Prescription Form that specifies specific substitutions by a doctor or nurse-practitioner. For food allergies, school nurses and CNS staff both must have the correct documentation.

    What if I have other questions?
    Contact us for more information about Free and Reduced-priced applications, meal balance accounts or any Child Nutrition Services questions at 360-473-4717.
Last Modified on March 25, 2021