• Alejandro Fleites  
    ¡Bienvenidos a la página de la clase de Español!


    Hola. Mi nombre es Alejandro Fleites. I want to thank you for choosing me to guide you through the marvels of learning Spanish, my native language. In my classes, I share with my students my own experiences as both a native of a Spanish-speaking country and as a student of foreign languages.


    You are lucky to already be fluent in English, one of the most important languages in the world, but if you want to get on in today’s modern world, it pays to learn at least one more language. An obvious choice is Spanish, the second language in the world by number of users and the official language of 21 countries.

    email: alejandro.fleites@bremertonschools.org   (Preferred form of contact)

    phone: (360) 473-0885 
    This year (2018-19) I will be teaching Spanish as follows:
    Periods 1 & 2 : Spanish 1
    Periods 4 & 5: Spanish 2
    Period 6: Spanish 4
    Knight Skills/SST (M, T, Th, F - Between 5th and 6th periods)
    My prep is during 3rd period and I have First Lunch


Last Modified on August 28, 2018