• Flash Alert is a notification system used by the Bremerton School District to communicate school delays and closures to regional media. It also provides alert emails and text messages to subscribers, and "push notifications" to those with the Flash Alert app.


    The first step in our our closures/delays in our notification plan is an all-staff email. However, we realize that many of you would prefer a notification on your phone - other than email. 


    While we work to find better options for staff to control their communication preferences in Skyward, Flash Alert is the best option for staff who would like to get early notification via text or "push notifications" on their phone when we have school closures/delays.  

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Flash Alert is only for school delays/closure notices.  It is primarily to notify media so there is no "option" to send a "school is back to normal" notification.


    If we have a scenario where we've had multiple days of delays/closures, you will NOT get a notification from Flash Alert when school is on regular schedule. We will send an email and update our website and social media when school returns to regular schedules. If in doubt, please check those sources for updates.  Thank you.

How to sign-up for Flash Alert text messages

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Click here to subscribe to Flash Alert Notifications

  • Link to FlashAlert

Click here to opt out of school delay/closure robo calls (staff only)

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Other options

  • Sign up for text alerts from:


    • KING 5 News (you can choose the Districts for which you'd like updates)