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     Welcome to my website. Detailed information about each class, including the syllabus, assignments and announcements, may be found on Google Classroom. Please ask me for the class code.
     My 2018-19 schedule is:

             Period 1: Pottery                Period 4: Pottery

             Period 2: Planning             Period 5: Production Arts

             Period 3: Pottery                Period 6: Pottery

    BIO: I've been an artist and educator for many years. My passion for painting has led to major bodies of work, including fine art painting in a variety of mediums, murals, and illustration. My work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, and can be seen in homes and businesses around the country. I am excited now to devote my energies to working with young artists at Bremerton High School!
    Creatively Yours,
    Ms. Janice Wagner
    CTE ART teacher