• Open Doors Program hopes to see you soon!

    Our doors will be open August 1st


    Open Doors encourage, guides and supports students in gaining the academic, career and life skills needed to build their future.


    Monday & Thursday

    10:30 AM  to 5:00 PM


    Tuesday & Wednesday

    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM


    We promise to be here to help you continue with your goals!


     1300 Sylvan Way 2nd floor
    Bremerton, WA 98310
    Phone: 360 473-4734
    Email: opendoors@bremertonschools.org



    The Open Doors Program combines career path guidance, training, and education necessary for successful employment.  Student academic goals will be matched with identified careers paths which can lead to high school graduation, G.E.D. completion, and/or career and college readiness.  All students will also have the opportunity to complete job-readiness training and participate in vocational training and/or internships.
    How We Can Help 
    • We are a public education program with NO COST to students! 
    • We provide a flexible DROP-IN schedule and an individualized program to match your needs and goals.
    • We can support you in a variety of ways as you prepare for your future goals:
    • High School Graduation
    • GED Completion
    • Career and College Readiness
    • Meeting Licensure and Special Requirements
    • Getting Internships
    • Developing Job Readiness Skills
    • Finding Job Opportunities
    Career Training
    • Planning for Two-Year College or Military  
    • Meeting Licensure and Special Requirements
    • Obtaining Financial Aid
    • Getting Into Apprenticeship Programs
    • Meeting Educational Requirements 
    • Exploring Majors
    • Finding the Right College or University
    • Obtaining Financial Aid
    • Preparing for College Academics

    Meet Our Staff

    Princial, Kristen Morga

       Email:   kristen.morga@bremertonschools.org 

     Teacher, Robin Dudley

         Email:   robin.dudley@bremertonschools.org 

    Teacher, Julie Cook NBCT

        Email:  juliana.cook@bremertonschools.org

    Case Manager, Jessica Evenson

       Email: jessica.evenson@bremertonschools.org 

    Case Manager Assistant, Erin Wallace

       Email: erin.wallace@bremertonschools.org 


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