Finance & Operations  

Executive Director of Finance, Operations and Human Resources: Garth Steedman
Secretary:  Ioanna Cossack
The Finance and Operations Department provides fiscal management, business, and operational support to the Bremerton School District. Our office develops the District's budget and other essential financial documents and services, including: payroll, purchasing, warehouse/delivery services, child nutrition services, transportation, maintenance of facilities and grounds, capital construction, risk management, print operations, safety and emergency preparedness.

We are fiscally responsible and will continue to use our available resources to support and enhance student achievement.

The draft 2014/15 budget was presented to the Board on August 7, 2014.  A public meeting was held to take questions and comments from the public and Board at the regular Board meeting on August 21, 2014 (5:00 pm).  The 2014/15 budget was adopted by the Board on Thursday, August 21. For further information, go to for access to all documents associated with the Board of Directors regular meetings.

District Financial Information
The State of Washington is the main source of funds for public schools, contributing approximately 64% of the cost of education. To make up the difference, schools obtain needed funds through local levies and federal grants. In Bremerton, local funding accounts for 24%, and Federal programs 12% of the total district budget.
The educational program of the Bremerton School District is budgeted at $11,837 for each full-time student. These funds are allocated from the state, Federal programs, and levy funds. Additional financial information can be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction at
 For more information, please contact Bremerton School District Finance and Operations at 473-1031.
Last Modified on January 23, 2015