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Supervisor of Transportation: Marco DiCicco
The Bremerton School District Transportation Department is committed to making sure that all of our students have a safe ride to and from school and all district activities. Every year, our buses log in over 330,000 miles of student transportation.

If you have questions or concerns about district busing, please let us know.
For questions regarding bus rider rules or safety expectations, there are links to your left that will bring you to these documents. 
As this is the beginning of the school year, route times and stop orders may change.  Please refer to this page (or to the InforfinderI site) for the latest information.
If you have questions such as:

What bus do I ride?
Where is my bus stop?
What time is my bus?

All of these questions (and more) can be answered by using... Infofinderi ! 
When you click on the following link you will be able to:
  • Locate the home school for your area
  • Locate your bus stop (If you are eligible for bus transportation)
  • Get bus route information, including stop times


     Route Changes!

     Route Y - Bremerton High School
    PM ONLY!!!
    In order to improve route performance, please note the revised afternoon times for Route Y
    (Changes are noted in BOLD TYPE)
     Route N - Mountain View Middle School
    AM ONLY!!!
    In order to improve route performance, please note the revised morning times for Route N:
    (Changes are noted in BOLD TYPE) 
    AM PM WED PM  
    7:14 AM 3:14 PM 1:19 PM BROADMORE LOOP LN & E BROAD ST
    7:18 AM 3:17 PM 1:22 PM PEARL ST & BLEDSOE AVE
    7:20 AM 3:18 PM 1:23 PM PINE RD & PENNIE LN
    7:21 AM 3:25 PM 1:30 PM SYLVAN WAY & APPALOOSA WAY
    7:22 AM 3:28 PM 1:33 PM SYLVAN WAY & ROBIN AVE
    7:23 AM 3:31 PM 1:36 PM DIBB ST & STEWART RD
    7:30 AM 3:11 PM 1:16 PM ALMIRA DR & CLEMENS ST
    7:33 AM 3:08 PM 1:13 PM NE RIDDELL RD & OLYMPUS DR
    7:34 AM 3:06 PM 1:11 PM NE CALHOUN ST & PERRY AVE NE
    7:35 AM 3:04 PM 1:09 PM PERRY AVE NE & ROBINSON RD NE
    7:36 AM 3:02 PM 1:07 PM 3405 PERRY AVE NE
    7:38 AM 2:59 PM 1:04 PM VIEWCREST DR NE & SYLVAN WAY
    7:39 AM 2:57 PM 1:02 PM VIEWCREST DR NE & FRANKLIN
    This change is effective 9/4/2015 

    Route J - Bremerton High School
    Route F - Mountain View Middle School 
     The following stop:  6353 Sunset Blvd NE is being moved to 6195 Sunset Blvd NE effective Tuesday, September 8, 2015.  The View Ridge Elementary, Mountain View Middle School, and Bremerton High School bus stops will now be at the same location.  This move is being done to eliminate confusion regarding stop location in the area. 

    Last Modified on November 3, 2015