MVMS Choirs


Dear MVMS Choir Students,

I am excited to have you in my class this year and look forward to a fun-filled year of singing.  There are many exciting things planned for you this year.  In order for everyone’s experience to be successful, there are several guidelines we need to follow.



Choir is a graded performance class, the major exams for which are the performances in the evening concerts and music reading assessments. Grades are also based on amount and quality of participation, self-discipline,singing, and performance improvement shown within rehearsal.


Each student will be expected to meet the following criteria to the best of his/her ability and will be evaluated accordingly:



 1.1     students will learn that choices affect the whole group and work toward daily preparation to fit in with the ensemble

1.2     students will learn how to demonstrate and apply good posture and breathing skills

1.3     students will work toward mastery of ensemble blend/sound by learning how to apply proper diction 


2.1     students will perform at concerts, contests and in the community

2.2    students will learn the importance of the musical background of a piece

2.3    students will relate an emotional understanding of the piece

2.4    students will learn appropriate audience behavior during class and public performances

Power Standard  3 – MUSICIANSHIP

3.1     students will gain an understanding of basic music theory and sight reading

3.2     students will understand phrasing, shaping, breathing techniques


Evaluation of each of the above criteria is done aurally, orally, visually, and/or in written form.



Washington State Music Assessments

Washington State requires all schools to assess their students in the music standards.  Again, this year, we will be assessing the students’ progress in reaching the standards in music by giving them anassessment in sight reading music.  Everyday, we will be practicing the necessary skills to reach all standards in music.  It is highly important that students participate in all class activities in order to allow them to be successful.


Classroom Procedures

          *Be respectful

                   -Raise your hand before speaking--No calling out!!!

                   -Refrain from bringing food, drinks, or GUM into the choir room

          *Be prompt

                   -At the sound of the bell, be IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT

                   -Stay in your assigned seat--Raise your hand for permission to use the restroom.  Do your best to take care of this kind of business during your passing time….and NOT during class time.

          *Always try your best--Have a GREAT attitude!!

          *Participate in group and individual activities--Have a GREAT attitude!!

*Be responsible for the condition of the music/folder assigned to you.

*Be willing to notify the teacher of his/her personal illness, which may make singing difficult or impossible


Behavior Ladders

Behavior which leads to excellence will be recognized with:

1.    Verbal recognition from teacher

2.    High daily/weekly/monthly/semester grade

3.    Nomination for student awards including “Choir Student of the Month”

4.    Choir Cash tickets able to cash in for prizes.

5.    Membership in an outstanding ensemble


Behavior ladder for negative behavior

1.    Verbal warning from teacher

2.    Consequence assigned

a.    Time Out from Class

b.    1 minute after class detention

c.    2 minute after class detention

d.    Parent contact by teacher

e.    Referral to counselor or administrator

When behaviors are severely disruptive, consequences may not follow each step of the ladder.




Performance Attendance Policy

Performing at concerts is an important part of the experience a student has in choir.  There is no way to make up the experience, so please make it a priority to be at concerts. The dates of our concerts are included in this handout.  Please mark them in your family calendar.


Serious illness and family emergency are reasons for an absence to be excused.  They can be excused by a written note, phonecall, or email to Ms McPhetres.  Students may make up missed points from a concert by completing a make-up assignment and turning it in by the due date.   Please ask Ms McPhetres for the assignment.


Concert Attire

--6thGrade Choir—Blue MVMS Choir polo shirt (Shirts can be purchased ($14) or checked out from Ms.McPhetres—an order form is attached)

--Squire Choir—white tux shirt—will be ordered--cost will be $13 (I will be ordering blue bow ties and cummerbunds to complete the outfit)—This will be a new outfit for Squire Choir!  J

--Mountain Voices—white tux shirt—will be ordered—cost will be $13. Blue vests will be checked out to students and returned at the end of the year.  


All choir students must wear BLACK pants or skirt, BLACK shoes.  It looks GREAT when everyone has the correct performance clothes on!! Please plan accordingly!!


Important Dates—Make sure these are on your calendar!!    These are required performances.  Every choir student will be graded at these performances.

·        Tuesday, Oct. 30, 7 pm—Choir concert at BHS—ALL Choirs!

·        Friday, Nov. 9—Veteran’s Day Assembly—Mtn Voices

·        Monday, Dec. 10, 7 pm—Choir concert at BHS—ALL Choirs!

·        Friday ,Jan. 18—MLK Assembly—Mountain Voices

·        Tuesday, March 12, 7 pm-Choir concert at BHS—ALL Choirs!

·        Tuesday, March 26, at SKHS, during the day, Choir contest

·        Tuesday, June 11, 7 pm—Choir concert at BHS—ALLChoirs!

Otherdates   These are not required, but do require a commitment from the students who choose to participate in these activities.

·        Beginning of October—auditions for the All State Choirs (if accepted, the event is Sat., Feb. 16, in Vancouver,WA)

·        Oct. 11—Wicked field trip to Seattle

·        Nov. (TBA)—traveling Veteran’s Day to Elementary School

·        Wednesday, Dec. 5—Fund Raising Concert at MVMS

·        Dec.11, 12, 13—Auditions for musical, Willy Wonka.

·        Dec.(TBA)—caroling in the community

·        Saturday, Jan. 26—OMEA Middle School Honor Choir

·        March 8 & 9—MVMS Musical production at MVMS

·        April 20—Regional Solo/Ensemble Contest at MVMS

·        June17—8thGrade Promotion Ceremony—Mountain Voices


You will be notified, in a timely manner, of other concert dates that come up throughout the year.


Fund Raising

In order to fund things such as field trips, uniforms, the production of the musical, contest fees, etc, we will be holding a couple fund raisers for the choir department during the school year. The first will be Dec. 5, when students are able to perform favorite holiday songs as solos or small ensembles. We will collect donations and hold silent auctions.  We will ask for donations for the silent auctions as the time grows nearer.   The second will be a dinner show for our musical on March 2.  Stay tuned for more information, as well as other fund raising opportunities.




There are a number of field trips planned for this school year.  In order to go on field trips, students need to demonstrate proper behavior and respect in the classroom, so that I am confident that their behavior outside the classroom will represent our choir,MVMS, and Bremerton Schools in the very best manner. 


If students or parents need to contact me for any reason, please either call me at school(473-0690), email me at or request to join our Facebook Group “Mountain View Middle School Choir.”  On that page I post information about what’s going on in the choir world as well as videos from concerts.  It is a closed group, in which I am the administrator.  I monitor the site very closely to make sure it is safe.  It is a nice community for our choir family.



Working together, we will have a fabulous school year!!





Ms McPhetres



Please return the attached form below to Ms McPhetres asap.  Please keep the rest of this handoutsafely in your binder for reference.