Volunteering in Our Schools


Homecoming Volunteers

Volunteers make a major difference in the lives of children. We appreciate your support and hope that you will consider volunteering in our schools. 


Every year, more than 600 people choose to volunteer in Bremerton Schools.

Steps for First-Time Volunteers 

*Paper applications are also available at your school.



  • After you complete the online application you will need to complete a Volunteer Application Completion / Renewal Form (also available at your school) so that we can process the required background check. (Please note: You will need to present a valid Driver’s License or ID at the time of your application)

Once your paperwork has been received and a background check is completed, you will be able to volunteer in our schools. If you have any questions about volunteering or the application process, please contact Joyce Cowdery at 360.620.7291 or your school's Volunteer Coordinator (see list below). 

To RENEW Your Volunteer Application
A new background check is required every two years for all volunteers.  If you are already volunteering in our schools and want to renew your application, simply complete a Volunteer Application Completion / Renewal Form with a copy of your ID and submit it to your school office.  You will be notified when you background check is complete. 
Volunteering is a very rewarding experience. Our students and staff appreciate everything our volunteers do to help us reach our goal of academic success for all children. We can’t do it without you!
School Building
Volunteer Coordinators
 Phone Number
Armin Jahr Elementary
Peggy Axsom
(360) 473-4107

Crownhill Elementary
Emily Bach

(360) 473-4207
Kitsap Lake Elementary
Terri Beliveau
(360) 473-4307
Naval Avenue Early Learning Center
Julie Anderson
(360) 473-4407
View Ridge Elementary
Terese Edmonds
(360) 473-4506
West Hills Elementary
Lyndsay Morrill
(360) 473-4607
Mountain View Middle School
Michelle Kirkpatrick
(360) 473-0607
Bremerton High School
Martha Perryman
(360) 473-0806
Renaissance High School/Phoenix Academy
Lisa Clifton
(360) 473-4706
West Sound Technical Skills Center
Loretta Robinett
(360) 473-0556

For more information on District Volunteer Opportunities, please contact our Parent/Volunteer Coordinator, Joyce Cowdery at 360.620.7291.
Last Modified on December 18, 2014