October 11, 2016
It's gonna be a great year! 

  • Knights In Harmony - Lions Dinner & Auction

    Lions Club Bremerton Central Lions

    29th Annual Dinner & Auction

    Saturday, October 15, 2016
    Admiral Theatre

    Proceeds to purchase instruments for Bremerton High School music program.
    For reservations, please contact Margie Torbron, Event Chair
    360.265.1535 or


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  • Bremerton Vocal Jazz Festival Concert

     Jazz Concert


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  • Admiral Theatre School Day Series

    The Admiral Theatre announces the upcoming Stages for all Ages School Day Series.  The 2016-2017 season includes live performances of "Mistatim," "Muffaro's Beautiful Daughters," "Peter Rabbit Tales," "Super Scientific Circus," and "Living Voices: Island of Hope."

    These weekday shows are suited for school age children, and are a great opportunity for them to see educational interactive performances. Thanks to generous show sponsors, the Admiral is able to offer tickets at very reasonable group rates. Tickets for groups of 10 or more are $6 per person, and our Living Voices: Island of Hope show is free for groups of 10 or more with a $10 processing fee.
    You can find out more about the performances on their website:  
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  • Important Reminders from Human Resources

    Children of Employees in the Workplace

    While each and every day we are valuing and honoring our community of children, I would like to remind all staff of the guidelines implemented on September 1, 2000, regarding children of employees in the workplace.


    Above all, it is imperative that the district provide a safe environment for everyone.  In so doing, we must ensure that staff, while on duty, are not distracted by their own children or the children of other staff members.  It is also important that we minimize the risk of liability incurred by the school district.


    While we understand there may be, on occasion, last-minute child care provider cancellations, we encourage all parents to have a back-up plan in place for these circumstances.  In addition, the only time children of employees are allowed to use district transportation is when it is part of their regularly-scheduled transportation to and from school or as part of a pre-approved school-sponsored activity.


    When are children allowed in the workplace?  There are certain circumstances when children are allowed at your work site.  For example:

    • If it is part of the child’s pre-approved specific instructional program or school-sponsored activity (e.g., Family Nights, concerts). 
    • If the child is a tutor or volunteer.  Such tutor/volunteer will be treated in the same manner as every other tutor/volunteer regarding background checks, assignments, and duties.  The tutor/volunteer may be assigned to any classroom where other tutors/volunteers are assigned. 
    • When the employee chooses to work (non-paid) during non-contractual hours, on weekends, holidays, or when school is not in session (school breaks) within reasonable hours.  It is the employee’s responsibility to provide adequate supervision for the child to prevent an accident, injury, or damage to school property. 


    Thank you for following these guidelines.  It is important that we maintain a safe, productive learning environment for our students. 




    The purpose of this memo is to provide advance information to employees on school closure, late start, or early release of students.


    School closure or modified start times can be implemented in four basic ways


    Canceling Classes Before the School Day Has Convened

    This type of closure affects students and employees whose work year is based on the student calendar year.  This includes non-administrative certificated staff, paraeducators, bus drivers and child nutrition cooks and servers.  Employees in these positions are not required to be present at work as schools will make up the missed day on a later date.


    For the 2016-2017 school year, any school closure days will be made up on June 19, June 20, and June 21, 2017. 


    All Other Employees:  It is the responsibility of all employees working more than the 181-day student-based calendar, including Office Coordinators and most clerical staff, to be at work when classes are canceled, with two exceptions:  1)  if the employee is in a paid leave status, or 2) if all school district offices are closed by the Superintendent.  If severe weather conditions make it impossible to report to work, the employee may request leave.  If an employee arrives late due to hazardous conditions he/she must make up the time as agreed to or approved by the employee’s supervisor, or take the appropriate leave. The appropriate leave is determined by the working agreement (i.e. annual leave, emergency leave, or personal leave).   


    Delaying the Start of School

    In response to emergency conditions the Superintendent may delay the start of school by one or two hours. The purpose of a late start is to allow staff and students extra time to travel so they arrive safely at school.  If there is a delay in the start of school on a Wednesday, the school day will revert to a regular student day dismissal time.

    With due consideration for safety issues, employees are expected to be at work at their regularly-scheduled time when there is a delayed opening of school.  If an employee arrives late due to hazardous conditions, he/she must make up the time as agreed to and approved by the employee’s supervisor, or take the appropriate leave. The appropriate leave is determined by the working agreement (e.g. annual leave, emergency leave, personal leave or leave without pay).


    Dismissing Classes Early After the School Day Has Convened

    This type of release only affects students.  Staff (certificated and classified) are to make every reasonable effort to complete their assigned work schedules.  Extenuating circumstances should be dealt with according to the school emergency preparedness plan.


    Emergency Situations

    In emergency situations, staff members at every school building and district facility are expected to remain at work as long as necessary to implement an emergency plan and to ensure the safety of every student.  It is important that every staff member has a family plan in place in case, for some reason, he or she is unable to leave work or get home due to blocked roads or unsafe bridges.


    In any of the above situations, a bulletin (verbal and/or written) will be released from the Superintendent's Office as soon as is feasible to make a determination regarding closures or delayed start. Staff should listen to the radio, watch television news, access the district’s web site at, or dial 360.473.1002 to learn the status for the Bremerton School District on days of inclement weather.


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  • Clock Hour Proposals

    Michelle Gatmen, Administrative Assistant, in the Superintendent's Office will be processing Clock Hour Proposals. Effective immediately, please send clock hour proposals to Michelle.  If you have any questions, please call her directly at 31006.  The most current form can be found under Staff>Employee Forms on the District website. 


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  • New Digital Resource Requests
    Interested in incorporating digital resources into your classroom? Find a great website for students? Uncover a perfect app for the Chromebook? Make sure it's approved before you start using it! First, check the approved software list on the Instructional Technology page of the district website. If it's not listed there, see if it's linked on Clever. (All apps on the Clever landing page have gone through the approval process.) If it's not in either location, fill out the Digital Resource Request Form. Technology will verify the program's compliance with FERPA and other federal and state law, and its compatibility with district technology resources. In some cases, curriculum will take a look at the resource as well. Thanks for your diligence in ensuring the privacy and safety of student information!


    Here is the link:



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  • Bremerton Citizen Auxiliary Patrol (BCAP)

    The Bremerton Citizens Auxiliary Patrol (BCAP) is a volunteer organization under the supervision of the Bremerton Police Department.  BCAP is an extension and expansion of the very successful Neighborhood Watch Program and is a vital component of the Police Department's community-oriented policing policy. If you or someone you know may be interested in applying to be a member of BCAP, visit the City of Bremerton website for an application.  LEARN MORE


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  • How to Find Your Hourly Rate in EA+

    Here are instructions to find your current hourly rate in EA+. If you think there is an error with your hourly rate, please contact the Human Resources Office.


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  • Not Using It Anymore? Turn it Into a Gift for a Student

    As you may be aware, every year the District Office sponsors many families from throughout our District for the holidays.  To help finance this venture, we hold a building-wide auction once or twice per year.  We have not figured out a way to open this bidding to ALL staff, but we're working on it.  On the flipside, we would like to include folks from the schools by asking for any contributions of new or gently used items that you think might work well as an auction item.  Gift baskets are appreciated as well if your building would like to put one together. If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact Ioanna in the Business Office (31031) prior to October 24th so we can make arrangements to get that to our building.  Thank you for your consideration.  
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  • Sub Scoop

    Here is the latest information from our Human Resources Office about being a substitute in the BSD!


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  • America's Car Museum Classroom Opportunity

    America’s Car Museum is your vehicle for cross-curricular learning. Our engaging tours and hands-on workshops will encourage students to examine automobiles as engineering feats, historical artifacts and rolling sculptures. Schools, scouts, youth community organizations and homeschool groups are eligible for school group admission rates and program options. A minimum of 10 students is required. Group visits must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance and are subject to availability.  Learn More


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  • Peaceful Schools - It Starts With Us

    This year we are "rolling out" Peaceful Schools at the preschool and elementary level.  We will be working with staff and families to promote a calm and nurturing environment for them to learn. The expectation is that when you step foot on a bus and on school grounds (not just when you enter the building), there is a committment of modeling, supporting, and teaching social and emotional skills in a calm environment. We will be sharing more about this throughout the school year.  


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  • KCDEM Tip of the Month for October - The Great Washington Shake Out
    We have already started to feel some strong winds this October. Our tip for this month is a reminder of what to do, and how to stay safe when those stormy winds trigger power outages. This is the ideal time to stock up on batteries and foods that are easy to prepare when the power goes out.

    Also, plan now to participate in The Great Washington Shake Out on October 20 at 10:20 am. This earthquake drill is an opportunity for you to practice the important steps of "Drop, Cover and Hold" when the shaking begins. For more information, please visit


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  • Volunteer Corner
    Need Volunteers?
    Click Here
    Especially at this time of the year, we have many volunteers eager to help! We have a large database of people waiting to assist our staff and students. When you click on the button above you'll be asked a few questions about what you need. Giving us a detailed description of the task(s) will help to us find just the right volunteer to fit your needs. 
    For questions or more information about volunteering, please contact your Building Volunteer Coordinator or District Volunteer Coordinator Joyce Cowdery 360.620.7291.  
    IMPORTANT For the safety of our precious students and staff, please remember that all volunteers must be cleared BEFORE they chaperone field trips/school events or help in the the classroom.  

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    This section of the Staff Memo is to share policy and procedural changes implemented by the School Board and the District.  Please contact your principal or Patty Glaser if you have questions about how a specific policy change might impact you.
    The following Bremerton School District Policy and/or Procedure(s) have recently been approved by the School Board:

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    Central Washington University has partnered with VESi to provide online courses that are available for professional development credits or Washington State Clock Hours.


    View Full Course Listing


    Courses offered for 2, 3, or 4 Professional Development credis and 20, 30, and 40 clock hours with fees starting at just $195 - 


    Olympic ESD Opportunities 

    Visit the OESD website for more information about PD opportunities.

    Classified Staff Developmen

    The District encourages all classified employess to pursue professional and personal growth through training opportunities and has reserved a budget solely for classifed staff training. To access these funds, an Application for Classified Staff Development Funds must be completed and sent to the Superintendent's office. If you have any questions, please contact Patty Glaser at 473.1003.

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    Do you have something to sell, trade, rent, or give away? Advertise here for FREE! Email Pattye Pennachi Heuer with all the info for the next Staff Memo.  Photos are always good!  

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