Time to Learn

Instruction Program
Grades K-8
Located at Crownhill Elementary School 
"The Home Link program is the best way for us to learn at our own pace, benefit from the resources of the Bremerton School District, and enjoy the endless possibilties and opportunities of a flexible at-home schedule."     Laura, Homelink Student
What is Home Link?
The Bremerton Home Link program is a no-cost, alternative learning education program that emphasizes student needs and strengths. This program is the Bremerton School District’s parent partnership program for families who have chosen to educate their child or children in an alternative way at home. By joining the Home Link program, parents will work with a certificated teacher for curriculum needs, assessments, lesson planning, teaching methods, and activities and enrichment programs.  
Program Highlights
• Students receive individualized home-based instruction
• Students are able to work at their own pace
• Curriculum is  provided including textbooks and learning materials 
• Access is available to educational website usage to enhance learning 
• Students have variety and flexibility in assignments 
• Lessons are student-centered, teacher-written, parent-taught, teacher-enforced 
• Students have weekly contact with the teacher
• Monthly student progress is determined at a meeting with parent, student, and teacher
• Optional educational enrichment classes are available
• Access to district programs and activities is available 
• Field trip opportunities 
How is Home Link different from homeschooling? 
The Home Link program consists of individualized plans, district-provided curriculum taught at home by parents, and student progress monitored by a district certificated teacher. 
Homeschooling is parent designed, implemented, and taught. The family is responsible for all curriculum materials and are not accountable to a certificated teacher. 
Is Home Link right for my student? 
Home Link may be right for your student if he or she:
• is advanced or behind academically and their educational needs are currently not being met within the traditional school setting; OR
• you desire to educate your student at home but need assistance from a certificated teacher, with curriculum, lesson planning and implementation.
Contact Us
For more information or to set up an appointment with the Home Link teacher email Annjanette Morris or call 360.471.4710.